Friday, November 20, 2009

For a friend

I've got a little sumthin-sumthin going on in Kierstyn's nursery, but I'm waiting for my new camera so I can take decent pics.  It's not anything to write home about, but it's a post!

Think Modge-Podge, glitter, paint and a glue gun.

Oh, and the biggest hint is...yawn...could this blog get any more boring?...

...flower clip and headband expansion.

It IS out of control.  I have an addiction.  I could open my own superstore.

Poor girl.  I am afraid for her, especially when she has more hair on her head so I can play with it.

For today, I'm posting pix of my house.
I am an interior decorator and most of the projects in my portfolio are not exactly my style.
I live in a "city" of comfort and country and good ole boys.  Old World, Rustic, Country, Tuscan, etc.

See a theme here?

I appreciate every style.  I especially appreciate good design.  But you'll see that sparkle in my eye when I see something a little more streamlined.  Simple, clean lines. Elegant and glamourous, even.

I like shiny.  I like new.
I can appreciate a sofa that appears to be nothing more than a slate of concrete.
I could curl up on a giant purple bed in the shape of a huge circle.
I have house plans of the funkiest nature.  I will build it one day and you can come stay in your circular, multi-level guest room dubbed "The Observatory" with an angled glass ceiling for stargazing.
Just don't fall off the balcony overlooking the plush bed, sleek sitting area and 9' wide concrete gel fireplace.

What?  One can dream, right??? ;-D are some pics of my REAL LIFE modern-ish home.  Just for you, Jyl! Now it's your turn.  I want to see your house cause I just know I'll fall in love.
Even if it's not EXACTLY my style (nor should it be).  I can tell you have great taste!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flower Clip of the Day

I am irrevocably addicted to the crocheted headband/flower clip combination. My sweet little girl doesn't go a day without something decorating her pretty little head. Here is a picture of her on her blessing day - she's wearing a boutique headband I bought, but I clipped the white flower clip (third picture from the bottom) I made onto it. It made it a little tall and bulky, but it's so pretty.

Oh, don't worry - I put a white headband with a bright yellow bow on her right after this was taken. Aren't her brothers cute, too?  We are working on some vinyl apps for their rooms.

Her Aunt Ashley gave her this bow. So stinkin' cute.

All-Star Champion Bragging Rights

I love the Cricut.  It saves me in times of need.  I made two of these signs at about 1 in the morning the night before the parade.  We had to get the word out that we won the Championship!

Friday, July 3, 2009

No time!

Wow - no time for Cricut!  Poor machine is getting dusty - I took the swiffer to it today.  I am LOVING having this new baby girl and so grateful I got everything done before her early appearance. 

I can honestly say she loves her room.  I know that sounds silly because she's 2 mos. old, but she smiles and coos more in there than anywhere, especially when lying on her changing table.  I think she likes the contrast of the bottom of the letters and the wall.  It's so cute!  

I may have to start posting other people's wonderful creations since I don't have much time.  I do have to do one big project today, though - a banner for the 4th of July Parade for my All-Star boys.  Hopefully it will be simple and quick.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome Kierstyn!

Here's the little Princess - the nursery is for you, baby girl! 
Our little Kierstyn was born April 23.  She is 5 lbs. 12 oz. What a little pea!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Got the Frames

As if you haven't seen this nursery 100 times - the frames are up and even though her little handprint and footprint are still in my tummy, I can picture them! Can you?

The glider arrived yesterday and I'm waiting on my darling husband to pick it up. I can't wait!

I'm 34 weeks today so the time is closing in. Thank goodness. Can't wait to kiss my princess.

Here's the glider!  It is a chair and a half and SO comfy.  Perfect for reading books.

Friday, April 3, 2009

FREE Nursing Cover!

There is the cutest website that is offering a free nursing cover right now. It's at and if you type in the promo code onefree you can get a pink or blue one for free, plus the cost of shipping. The printed ones are full price, I think. This is for real - I got mine yesterday in the mail and it is so cute. It's a local Utah company in Lehi.

They also have the coolest breastfeeding product I've ever seen called Milk Bands for moms like me who forget how long it's been and which side you ended on. I think I'll order one today!

Just my little plug for local Utah businesses and cute things!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Party Favors

For my baby shower, I was so deeply humbled to think that so many people not only wanted to be at the big event, but wanted to make sure I was having a shower in the first place.  As tradition goes, usually you have one shower for your first baby.  Well, this is my fourth baby.  I suppose the fact that she is the first and only girl after three boys has a lot to do with the heavy interest and great turn-out.  Not to mention the fact that I can't hide an ounce of my excitement, shock and satisfaction that I am finally getting the daughter I've dreamed of.  

I have to disclose that I have never wished any of my boys had been girls, I just had this overwhelming desire to raise a daughter - no matter how or when she got here.  It was definitely a risk to try for that fifth time (I had a miscarriage right before conceiving her).  I had convinced myself I would get my fourth son and I had all but given up my dream, but to my utter surprise I was blessed with the girl I always believed would come.  I still get very emotional when I think about that defining moment at my ultrasound when the doctor said, "You're having a girl!" 

My desire for a girl and the sheer thrill of knowing she was finally coming are worn on my sleeve.  I have the greatest family and friends who were gracious enough to throw and attend a shower for the upcoming Princess and me.  I wanted to show a small token of my appreciation for the very literal showering of gifts.  

I started by making Chocolate Covered Oreos.
I dipped the Oreos into Chocolate Almond Bark, 
then drizzled Vanilla Almond Bark on top (dyed pink with food coloring)

I did the opposite for the Vanilla dipped Oreos

I stuffed a couple of these rich treats into little favor bags found at Robert's
Each bag had little Baby Blocks on the front - created with the Cricut

The little champagne bottle is filled with red, pink and white M&Ms
The label says "About to Pop"

I found some cute bundles of bamboo spoons 
and green dish cloths that made up the rest of the favor

Then I stuffed it all into a diaper and gave each guest a "Full Diaper"

Though it can never fully express my gratitude, I hope the guests enjoyed the shower and the small token of appreciation they took home.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursery Update

The nursery is coming right along. In fact, I'd say it was darn near complete. There are only two things missing - the glider/ottoman and two frames that go above the crib.

At our baby shower, baby and I sort of made out like bandits! All of the darling gifts we received have been hung, set up or put in their place and boy am I ready - she just needs to cook and grow for a couple more months. Having the shower early was really great - I wanted to make sure my mom and step-mom could both be there and this was the best date - but it makes for a long 2.5 months remaining in my pregnancy! :-) Nesting is so fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thank You Cards

Using the same basic layout and tweaking it a little, I made my first set of Thank You cards, or a set of cards of any kind for that matter!  I used a stamp pad to antique the edges, the Cricut for shapes, some scraps from previous projects, some paper I bought at Wal-Mart and a few embellishments. It was fun and I will have lots left over!

My dad had a bunch of school pictures in a packet so I decided I would make my first attempt at a real live scrapbook page. That will likely be the next little project I take on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ribbon Lamp Shade

I found this lamp base at Wal-Mart for $8.95. There was a white lamp shade on clearance for $5 so I got it and hot glued various ribbons to the top. I trimmed each ribbon with pinking shears on both ends, glued them on, then added the pink ribbon at the bottom of the shade, the brown ribbon at the top of the shade for trim and the pink satin bow. I love how it looks in the nursery! Too bad I can't find a light bulb!

Coming soon:  Card making!  I can't believe I actually made all these cards!  Thank you, Cricut, for giving me the ability to be crafty when I never thought I could be. It has been a really fun project.  They are not done yet, but I will post when they are.