Friday, July 3, 2009

No time!

Wow - no time for Cricut!  Poor machine is getting dusty - I took the swiffer to it today.  I am LOVING having this new baby girl and so grateful I got everything done before her early appearance. 

I can honestly say she loves her room.  I know that sounds silly because she's 2 mos. old, but she smiles and coos more in there than anywhere, especially when lying on her changing table.  I think she likes the contrast of the bottom of the letters and the wall.  It's so cute!  

I may have to start posting other people's wonderful creations since I don't have much time.  I do have to do one big project today, though - a banner for the 4th of July Parade for my All-Star boys.  Hopefully it will be simple and quick.

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