Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flower Clip of the Day

I am irrevocably addicted to the crocheted headband/flower clip combination. My sweet little girl doesn't go a day without something decorating her pretty little head. Here is a picture of her on her blessing day - she's wearing a boutique headband I bought, but I clipped the white flower clip (third picture from the bottom) I made onto it. It made it a little tall and bulky, but it's so pretty.

Oh, don't worry - I put a white headband with a bright yellow bow on her right after this was taken. Aren't her brothers cute, too?  We are working on some vinyl apps for their rooms.

Her Aunt Ashley gave her this bow. So stinkin' cute.

All-Star Champion Bragging Rights

I love the Cricut.  It saves me in times of need.  I made two of these signs at about 1 in the morning the night before the parade.  We had to get the word out that we won the Championship!

Friday, July 3, 2009

No time!

Wow - no time for Cricut!  Poor machine is getting dusty - I took the swiffer to it today.  I am LOVING having this new baby girl and so grateful I got everything done before her early appearance. 

I can honestly say she loves her room.  I know that sounds silly because she's 2 mos. old, but she smiles and coos more in there than anywhere, especially when lying on her changing table.  I think she likes the contrast of the bottom of the letters and the wall.  It's so cute!  

I may have to start posting other people's wonderful creations since I don't have much time.  I do have to do one big project today, though - a banner for the 4th of July Parade for my All-Star boys.  Hopefully it will be simple and quick.