Sunday, February 1, 2009

Those To-Die-For Flower Clips

I was invited to a really, really fun and REALLY, REALLY girly party the other day.  My friend Misty had Scentsy and those absolutely adorable crocheted beanie/headbands with all the flower clip accessories.  They had a bunch of super cute newsboy caps, too.  It was all so girly and I was so happy to be part of something so dang feminine since my life usually consists of dirty boys and rough and tumble sports.  Not that I would trade it!  It's just a nice addition.

So, after I bought two of those must-have flowers and four headbands, and spent a grand total of $31.95, I had a touch of buyer's remorse.  I ALWAYS get buyer's remorse.  I love a bargain, though, and it lessens the regret significantly. So I went to Robert's with the intention of making my own flower clips.  Like the tutu attempt, they may not turn out as cute, but they are good enough since the price is right.


• Assorted colors and sizes of craft flowers. 

• Hot glue gun and glue

• Alligator clips - I got mine at Wal-Mart, but they are a little too bulky. Look for the flattest clip you can find.

• Buttons, brads or other flat embellishments for the center

STEP ONE: Choose and layer your flowers

Call this a practice run.  Layer your flowers together to see how the finished one will look.

STEP TWO: Glue or Brad together

On some of them, I hot glued them and on others I simply used a decorative brad. 

STEP THREE: Glue to alligator clip

And you're done!  Super cute.  We (my two older boys helped) made twelve of these adorable accessories.

Hot glue gun technique:

Check out the adorable collection we made for the baby! Here are a bunch of pics from our project:


Ashley said...

You've become quite the crafter lately. I really like your idea for hanging the bows. So creative. Did you come up with that on your own? If you are in need of some stretchy lace to make some headbands for all of those clips I know of a good place to get some.

I am really enjoying all of your crafter instructions. I can't believe you take the time to document all of your projects. That's work! Keep 'em coming.

BreAn said...

This is great. I've seen these for sale everywhere but now I can make my own. Thanks for the instructions. I always love looking at your blog and seeing your new projects.