Friday, March 13, 2009

Party Favors

For my baby shower, I was so deeply humbled to think that so many people not only wanted to be at the big event, but wanted to make sure I was having a shower in the first place.  As tradition goes, usually you have one shower for your first baby.  Well, this is my fourth baby.  I suppose the fact that she is the first and only girl after three boys has a lot to do with the heavy interest and great turn-out.  Not to mention the fact that I can't hide an ounce of my excitement, shock and satisfaction that I am finally getting the daughter I've dreamed of.  

I have to disclose that I have never wished any of my boys had been girls, I just had this overwhelming desire to raise a daughter - no matter how or when she got here.  It was definitely a risk to try for that fifth time (I had a miscarriage right before conceiving her).  I had convinced myself I would get my fourth son and I had all but given up my dream, but to my utter surprise I was blessed with the girl I always believed would come.  I still get very emotional when I think about that defining moment at my ultrasound when the doctor said, "You're having a girl!" 

My desire for a girl and the sheer thrill of knowing she was finally coming are worn on my sleeve.  I have the greatest family and friends who were gracious enough to throw and attend a shower for the upcoming Princess and me.  I wanted to show a small token of my appreciation for the very literal showering of gifts.  

I started by making Chocolate Covered Oreos.
I dipped the Oreos into Chocolate Almond Bark, 
then drizzled Vanilla Almond Bark on top (dyed pink with food coloring)

I did the opposite for the Vanilla dipped Oreos

I stuffed a couple of these rich treats into little favor bags found at Robert's
Each bag had little Baby Blocks on the front - created with the Cricut

The little champagne bottle is filled with red, pink and white M&Ms
The label says "About to Pop"

I found some cute bundles of bamboo spoons 
and green dish cloths that made up the rest of the favor

Then I stuffed it all into a diaper and gave each guest a "Full Diaper"

Though it can never fully express my gratitude, I hope the guests enjoyed the shower and the small token of appreciation they took home.