Friday, November 20, 2009

For a friend

I've got a little sumthin-sumthin going on in Kierstyn's nursery, but I'm waiting for my new camera so I can take decent pics.  It's not anything to write home about, but it's a post!

Think Modge-Podge, glitter, paint and a glue gun.

Oh, and the biggest hint is...yawn...could this blog get any more boring?...

...flower clip and headband expansion.

It IS out of control.  I have an addiction.  I could open my own superstore.

Poor girl.  I am afraid for her, especially when she has more hair on her head so I can play with it.

For today, I'm posting pix of my house.
I am an interior decorator and most of the projects in my portfolio are not exactly my style.
I live in a "city" of comfort and country and good ole boys.  Old World, Rustic, Country, Tuscan, etc.

See a theme here?

I appreciate every style.  I especially appreciate good design.  But you'll see that sparkle in my eye when I see something a little more streamlined.  Simple, clean lines. Elegant and glamourous, even.

I like shiny.  I like new.
I can appreciate a sofa that appears to be nothing more than a slate of concrete.
I could curl up on a giant purple bed in the shape of a huge circle.
I have house plans of the funkiest nature.  I will build it one day and you can come stay in your circular, multi-level guest room dubbed "The Observatory" with an angled glass ceiling for stargazing.
Just don't fall off the balcony overlooking the plush bed, sleek sitting area and 9' wide concrete gel fireplace.

What?  One can dream, right??? ;-D are some pics of my REAL LIFE modern-ish home.  Just for you, Jyl! Now it's your turn.  I want to see your house cause I just know I'll fall in love.
Even if it's not EXACTLY my style (nor should it be).  I can tell you have great taste!

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